News & Updates

11/26/2016: New MuleHelper available to transfer the items from your received mule account to your main character!

11/22/2016: New Ladder season has begun, we are currently working on our new selection, we will update our inventory as soon as we collect our first items!

10/19/2016: We have added a store credit system for all of our members. All members will now have store credit added to their account balance each time an order is made. The amount of bonus store credit you receive is based on the size of your order. Store credit is just as good as cash, and can be used to purchase anything in our shop! You need an account to make use of this feature.

09/19/2016: Upddated our Diablo 2 bonuses with purchases.

07/17/2016: New Magic Grand charms and more rare items are in stock!

01/20/2016: Welcome to your Diablo 2 item store.
We are very proud to introduce you to your #1 source for Diablo 2 items.
Save up on weekly deals and receive a discount code on your first order!
We are offering massive bonuses and free items.

Diablo 2 Non-Ladder Bonus:
$20 - Hoto Flail 40% res
$25 - Infinity Eth Cv
$50 - Cta Crystal Sword 6/6/4
$75 - Enigma 775 AP
$100 -Full Gear package
*Bonuses are cumulative.

Did you always think Wirt's Leg was worthless?

Think again! Make sure to participate in our exclusive "Wirt's Leg" competition:
Find a named "DiabloTwoItems's Wirt's leg" in your order and exchange it for any product listed in our shop for free!
The leg will be randomly put into your orders. Any order has a chance to receive the leg.
To redeem your leg, just contact us.
Good Luck!